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Fareen Jamal


Managing Principal

Fareen practices family and estate litigation at Jamal Family Law Professional
Corporation in Oakville, Ontario. She has assisted clients with significant assets,
complex property protection needs, multi-jurisdictional holdings, interests in family businesses and interjurisdictional abductions.

Fareen is sensitive to the emotional aspects of separation, gives priority to the children's well-being, and is practical in her approach. She strives to achieve results quickly and efficiently. Her effective negotiation skills and persuasive advocacy, bring value to her clients as she successfully represents them both in and out of court.

As a trained professional in Collaborative Family Law, Fareen is also a member of both Collaborative Practice Toronto and the Peel/Halton Collaborative Family Law Association. She values Collaborative Family Law for preserving the dignity of the parties and the ongoing parenting partnership.

Fareen is also an accredited mediator through OAFM.

Fareen served as the Chair on the Ontario Bar Association's Family Law Section in 2017-2018; and was a board member of the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Board from July 2012 to 2019.

Fareen completed her Masters in Law, specializing in Family Law, in 2012, and was the 2014 recipient for the OBA Young Lawyers Award.

Fareen is a member of the Family Law Rules Committee since December, 2017, and co-chair of the Six-Minute Family Law Lawyer since 2018. She co-authors the 2020 Annotated Children’s Law Reform Act.

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